hardest thing about a family business

The hardest thing about being in a family business

It is just starting to get warm outside. The sun is shining, and there is a breeze. The warmth feels really good. Suddenly, the wind picks up, black clouds roll in, there is lightning, and it is pouring rain. The next...

Finalists Announced in The Pomerene Center Mascot Contest

The judges have deliberated and the finalists have been chosen for the 2020 Pom Pom Mascot Contest! Entries were judged for their Pom qualities: fluffiness, pointy ears, loving lap dog and extremely playful. Entry was open...

5 Ways To Keep Busy During Quarantine

This pandemic has affected us all in different ways, whether you've lost your job, or maybe you still have your job, but can't see your loved ones. A lot of humans rely on physical affection for happiness, and that has been...
A Fuller Life

A Fuller Life Podcast Episode 12

It’s time for our exclusive piece of content for Ohio’s Heart!  We are very proud of it!  This is the podcast with Brad Fuller, called A Fuller Life.  On this podcast, Brad will share his positive musings, his thoughts on...
Self Care In Quarantine

Self Care In Quarantine

In reality it's been about a month ago when Salons and other similar businesses were shut down in Ohio..  But to many of us it feels like it's been 6 months.  Our hair is unruly. Our nails are a struggle.  And our skin is not getting the proper care either.  In order...



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