County Fair Season in Ohio’s Heart

It's County Fair Season in Ohio's Heart. The smell of french fries, elephant ears and deep fried bits of everything imaginable. As we approach the end of summer and head towards the fall, one thing we in Ohio get excited...

These Events Will Keep You Busy All Summer Long!

We've all heard the "There's nothing to do around here" story, but lets face it: There's plenty to do if you look around! We have compiled a list of events happening right here in Ohio's Heart to keep you busy all summer...
the coshocton antique and unique shopping trail

The Coshocton Antique & Unique Shopping Trail

Did you know that we have an Antique Trail that happens right here in Coshocton County? The Coshocton Visitors Bureau created this trail at the beginning of this year with the intent to show others how many unique and...
top senior pic spots zanesville ohio

Top Seven Senior Picture Spots in Muskingum County

If you've ever been to Zanesville, Ohio or what is known as Muskingum County, you have a distinct idea of it in your head.  But today, I challenge you to see if you've heard/visited these places before.  Not only are these...



How To Make Your Community Better



What IS Ohio’s Heart?

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