What is Ohio’s Heart?

ohios heart

(Coshocton, OH) Hasseman Marketing is excited to announce a new online media company called “Ohio’s Heart” coming very soon.

Ohio’s Heart (OhiosHeart.com) will be an online media company focusing on the heart of Ohio.  Focused around the area of 77 and 70, the heart will cover an otherwise under-served area in Ohio.  Ohio’s Heart will focus on sharing positivity, kindness, goodwill and the many things that make this area special.  The stated goal is to “make positivity louder” in the area.

“I have said for the last several years that every company is a media company,” says Hasseman Marketing CEO Kirby Hasseman.  “I think that creating an actual media company is the next evolution of this idea.”

Ohio’s Heart will be an online media company that will focus on blogs, articles, videos, interviews, and podcasts.  Each of these categories of content will focus on good things going on in the region.  The site will focus on 7 different segments that interest people of region that include business, travel, health, events, lifestyle, arts and community.

Skylar Hasseman has been hired to coordinate and create the content for Ohio’s Heart.

“There are so many cool things going on in the area, we just want to showcase them on an everyday basis,” says Skylar Hasseman.  “In addition, we want to create content in a way that translates into how people consume content today.”

Ohio’s Heart will be selling traditional online advertising to support the site including banner ads and more.  In addition, there will be a segments of sponsored content where advertisers can target specific pieces of content to put their advertising message on.

Ohio’s Heart is live.  Please help us make positivity louder by sharing posts and articles that inspire you.  We can also use your help when it comes to content.  Do you know something that is happening that you think we should cover?  Let us know!

Ohio’s Heart is powered by Hasseman Marketing.  Hasseman Marketing is located at 432 Main Street in Coshocton, Ohio and can be found online at www.HassemanMarketing.com.

You can find more blog posts within Ohio’s Heart here.

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