Finalists Announced in The Pomerene Center Mascot Contest

The judges have deliberated and the finalists have been chosen for the 2020 Pom Pom Mascot Contest! Entries were judged for their Pom qualities: fluffiness, pointy ears, loving lap dog and extremely playful. Entry was open...
A Fuller Life

A Fuller Life Podcast Episode 12

It’s time for our exclusive piece of content for Ohio’s Heart!  We are very proud of it!  This is the podcast with Brad Fuller, called A Fuller Life.  On this podcast, Brad will share his positive musings, his thoughts on...
Barefoot McCoy

Barefoot McCoy and Pomerene Center Announce Free Friday Night Concert

To help ease the boredom of our in-house quarantine, The Pomerene Center is hosting a free Friday Night Concert at home this Friday, April 24, at 7:30 pm with Barefoot (Jake) McCoy. This performance is Part 2 in presenting...
local musicians release music

4 Musicians from Ohio’s Heart Have Released Music

The Ohio's heart area is known to be rich in many industries.   From manufacturing to agriculture to tourism, the region has a lot to offer. But one of the richest talent beds the area offers is in the realm of musicians....



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