3 for 3 Coshocton County

(Coshocton, OH) Community leaders in Coshocton County are excited to announce a new initiative for community progress called “3 For 3 For Coshocton County.”  The initiative, which combines the effort of private and public sector leaders, has identified 3 Priorities to move Coshocton County forward over the next 3 years.

“We have worked to identify the 3 priorities that would have the most significant impact on the community,” says Kirby Hasseman.  “Under each priority, we will have projects to move things forward.”

The 3 Priorities are to 1) Create A Culture of Entrepreneurship and Business, 2) Improve Property Management and Revitalization and 3) Create World Class Technology and Infrastructure.  The plan, which has the support of the City of Coshocton, The County Commissioners, and the Port Authority, is set to be community driven.

“This being a community driven initiative is really important,” says Executive Director of the Coshocton Port Authority Tiffany Swigert.  “It helps to make sure we are looking at the community as a whole, and we are creating positive change Coshocton County wants and needs.”

Each priority on the 3 for 3 initiative will have its own committee to identify projects that need addressed…and to take action on them.  Each committee will be looking for volunteers that want to pitch in and help.

“None of us want this to just be another meeting to attend,” says Kirby Hasseman.  “These are designed to take action.”

For more information on the 3 For 3 For Coshocton County, head to the Facebook page.  Regular updates will be posted there.

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