I feel confident in saying one thing.  The world could use more kindness.

Kindness has always been important.  But in a world where “everyone has a voice,” we certainly see voices that are unkind more often.  People have an opportunity to spew hate whenever they want.  Combine that with a 24 hour news cycle where (it seems) that the most mean spirited get rewarded with airtime, and it can seem the world is more divided than ever.

In that world, Kindness really is a superpower.  So here are 3 Posts that remind us about the Power of Kindness.

Kindness Is A Super Power

We all want to make an impact.  Most of us want to make the world a better place.  I think that is why we like Super Hero movies.  We love the idea that someone can “save the day.”  It turns out you can.  In this post, written in July of 2018, I talk about how each of us can be a Super Hero.  We just have to be willing to put on the cape!  Read more here.

Simple Acts of Kindness Matter

I often put off doing the “little things” because I don’t think they will matter.  I don’t send that text because the person might be too busy.  In this post, I hope you learn from a simple example.  Simple Acts of Kindness do matter.  Send the card.  Send the text.  Reach out.  Read more here.

What Kind Words Can Do

Finally…from the mouths of babes.  Last year, I got a note that really brightened my day.  Sometimes, when we most need it, a simple message can help us to keep going.  This was certainly the case with this note from a 6 year old named Bailey (and her mom).  Thanks Bailey and Sarah!  You can learn more about that here.

In each of these cases, the cost of entry is small.  We think that if we want to change the world, we need to do something huge.  But you can start today with a simple act.

Hold the door.  Send a note.  Smile.

Spread some kindness today.

This blog post was originally posted to and is re-posted with permission.  You can find more content from Hasseman Marketing on their blog page here.

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