Situated in Morgan County, McConnelsville was originally referred to as “Old Town,” which was inhabited in 1817. Residents from this community named the town after Robert McConnel, one of the area’s first residents. By 1840, McConnelsville had grown to nearly 1,000 residents. Due to the location resting against the Muskingum river, this enabled the town to grow substantially. In 1846, the town was home to five churches, two newspaper offices, iron foundry, wool factory and two flour mills. By 1886, the town was home to multiple manufacturing businesses and was home to George P. Hann, who manufactured cigars.

Flash forward to 1979, Randy Shriver purchased the Price Richardson Pharmacy and renamed the company Shrivers Pharmacy.

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Shrivers Pharmacy in the Morgan County community.

Over the course of that time, John Coler acquired the brand and has expanded it to 8 locations serving 7 additional communities. Within the Shriver brand, Shrivers Home Medical, Shrivers Compounding, Shrivers Hospice, Shrivers Echo, and Coler LTC Pharmacy is home to nearly 200 employees.

“My goal for Shrivers Pharmacy was to continue the brand that my friend and mentor Randy created, to expand the services we offered to our patients and the communities we serve and to provide excellent patient care. We have accomplished that and I think Randy would be proud of the brand today,” said John Coler, Owner and CEO.

“For our 40th Anniversary, we are celebrating for 40 Days starting on Monday, July 15. We are kicking off the excitement by giving away Commemorative 40th Anniversary Pint Glasses at each Shrivers location. The first 40 customers will receive the gift with their purchase. The company will follow up with other fun and community minded events for the remainder of the 40 days.”

“These events include a 40% Off Sale Day, Free Hot Dog Days, Free Community Pool Days in certain locations and Free Ice Cream Days in others, Free Health Screenings, a Big Brother Big Sister Volunteer Drive, and a $40 Shrivers Gift Card Giveaway Every Day via our Shrivers Pharmacy Facebook Page. Our patients and customers are the driving force behind what we do and they mean everything to this company.”

“To show our appreciation, we are thrilled to host events in the community and support other local businesses in the process. We do these things Because We Care and we are grateful for the support of our patients, customers, and the communities we serve.”

You can learn more about Shrivers Pharmacy by clicking HERE.

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