The artPARK is such a great area that has been and is currently being improved by the Pomerene Center for the Arts after the tragedy that occurred there. This area can be used for so many various events, opportunities, and activities.  Not only, did they turn something negative, into a positive, but they also made somewhere for families and business people to enjoy lunch, play, and also the occasional artistic urge! Here, Hasseman Marketing took the drone over to the artPARK to show a little of what it’s like.


As you can see, we love it and hope that if you haven’t already checked it out, that you will now. This is a great opportunity for the occasional photoshoot, video shoot, or to go for a little breath of fresh air. The artPARK is an improvement to Coshocton County, and it will continue to be. Not only is it a cool place to look at, but they also host exercising events, along with family events, such as movie nights and painting parties. Don’t be afraid to check them out, they are doing a lot of good for our town of Coshocton at the Pomerene Center for the Arts.


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