What do you consider a hidden gem in your county?  In each individual county in Ohio’s Heart, there are places that we all love, but aren’t as known as we would like for them to be.  They have quality people, products, and wonderful stories that provide us all with benefits.  In Coshocton County there are many hidden gems that we value, and hope you will too.

Our Third Hidden Treasure in Ohio’s Heart is Coshocton KOA.

Feeling bored with nothing to do this fall? We have the place for you.  At the Coshocton KOA on 36 passed Walmart, they always have fun events happening!

KOA is a campground is several different locations all over, but it just so happens that we have one right in our town of Coshocton and we also love the owners!

Not only can you camp there, but they have recently put in an awesome new swimming pool, and playground area for kids of all ages.  It is such a beautiful area that they have turned it into and we love the positivity they’re bringing to Coshocton.

Don’t want to camp? They offer their newly renovated building for rent to anyone for a meeting, a get together, or even weddings.  Their location makes it convenient and easy to find without the hassle of having to do it at the same place as everyone else.

And, to make it even better, they have events where they take you back on a tractor full of hay bale seats, to adventure in the many corn mazes they provide.  There is sort of an intermediate and advanced one, and it is the perfect bonding time for families, friends, and loved ones to get together and spend a little time without technology.  Not to mention, all of the fun games and science guided exercises that are great for kids to do because they’re having fun and learning too!

Lastly, and most recently I believe, is the Coshocton Sunflower Festival where you go through a maze of sunflowers and take one home at the end.  And for my adults, they have a “Wine Your Way Out” event where you go through and each corner has a wine tasting from local wineries!

Overall, an amazing addition to Coshocton County and there should be no reason to be bored! Here is where all of there events are located https://koa.com/campgrounds/coshocton/events/

And you can find there home page here.

Thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned for the next addition to the series Hidden Treasures in Ohio’s Heart.

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